Best Family Vloggers of 2018

Best Up-N-Coming Family-Friendly Vloggers of 2018

Do you or your kids love watching vloggers but can’t stand the constant swearing and crude jokes? If so, you’re in luck, because I have put together a list of some of YouTube’s best up and coming family-friendly vloggers that you should watch. In this list, you will find content creators that you never knew existed, but once you do, you will wish you had known a long time ago. From some of the most entertaining family vloggers to one of the most cinematic kid vloggers, here is my top five.

JCTV – Family Vlog

JCTV’s motto is “Let Nothing Hold You Back” and that’s exactly what they do. Jonah and Connor JCTV have both been diagnosed with speech delay, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and social anxiety. They are also both intellectually challenged, but that doesn’t drag them down at all. Instead, they live by their motto “Let nothing hold you back” and choose to continuously push forward. One of their forward steps was creating a YouTube channel.

JCTV, which stands for Jonah and Connor Television, has a new video uploaded to it three times a week. Trust me when I tell you these are videos you won’t want to miss. Each video is entertaining, uplifting, and some of the time, jaw-dropping. One of Jonah’s videos shows him making some of the coolest basketball trick shots ever. These shots are so amazing my words won’t do them justice! Instead, you can check out his video here:

WAIT! The amazingness doesn’t stop there! In a vlog featuring Connor, you get to see the heart-lifting story behind how they got their dog – Snoopy. You can watch that vlog here:

Marshall Branin

Marshall Branin is a growing cinematic kid vlogger on the YouTube platform. He uploads content twice a week, outstanding content twice a week. Each video Marshall Branin shares is well thought out, with lots of awesome shots, amazing color, and a great storyline. Even the simplest videos, like Branin’s EPIC MOUNTAIN VACATION HOME, shares a unique story of a day in his life, with a lot more to it. You can say a picture tells a thousand words, but Marshall Branin will tell a million words, with a short video.

One of Branin’s most popular videos, FILLED MY ROOM WITH BALLOONS // VLOG_021 is a super entertaining and enticing video of Branin filling his room with 1,000 balloons! Of course, this video is filled with high spirits and fun times, but Branin also brought his own cinematic look to it with montages and awesome balloon shots. If you are into cinematics and want to keep it family-friendly, this is the channel for you!

Just KID-ing

Looking for a comedic family channel full of jokes, pranks, and fun? Just KID-ing is definitely for you! Featuring two kids and their parents, you would have to be kidding to not want to check it out. See what I did there? Of course, comedy isn’t their only specialty, they’ve got some other stuff up their sleeves also. For instance, their dad is an amazing dancer. How do I know that? Because I watched their “Family Lip Singing Battle” of course!

Aside from the lip singing battle, they have a lot more videos you can watch. Including a blue soap prank, playing Speak Out, and even a trip to Legoland! My favorite though is the “April fools prank on Easter” where the Easter bunny eats all of the kids’ candy! Then it turns out it was just a prank. Don’t kid yourself, check out Just KID-ing right now!!

Team Balmert Vlogs

Team Balmert Vlogs is one of the funniest channels on this list. Chris Balmert and his son Gavin make a hilarious duo, so if you see a video of them together you have to click on it. In this video, Gavin and his dad pick out a gift for his mom on Valentine’s day, but it wasn’t as easy as they thought. “Surprised mom on Valentine’s day” puts a comedic twist on the struggle of finding the perfect gift, and that sometimes simple is better.

This family continues to remain optimistic as the youngest daughter, Ryann, struggles with battles with heart problems. To raise awareness and help other families who have relatives battling with congenital heart defects, Balmart Vlogs launched their clothing brand known as Stay Upbeat. Each piece of merch they sell not only helps out others, but it also spreads a message that no matter what you’re going through staying upbeat is always the best option.

Moffats In The Making

This. Family. Is. Amazing. Two parents, three boys, and a baby girl, how could this possibly not be entertaining? Moffats In The Making is an adventurous family oriented vlog channel out of Kamas Utah. They post daily videos about the adventures of raising four children. That’s right, they post DAILY videos.

One of my favorite recent vlogs from them is “HE PULLED HIS TOOTH OUT WITH A HOVERBOARD!” where Dakota tied his tooth up to a hoverboard and had his brother ride it away…fast. Of course, that’s just one of the crazy adventures you will see on Moffats In The Making. For more of their awesome content, make sure to subscribe to them!


Cody vlogs is a thirteen-year-old vlogger out of Illinois. He takes a comedic approach to his life as a Christian homeschooler and constantly jokes about homeschool stereotypes. Cody tends to be a bit over the top and sometimes, way too over the top. Since he is creating content for 6-13-year-olds, I guess he feels the need to constantly scream and be super obnoxious.

One of his best videos is probably the one where he talks the least. Oh, wait! He doesn’t have any of those. He does have one where he says maybe ten words less – Ultimate Flossing competition for kids. In this video, Cody and his family compete against each other to see who can floss the best, but it takes an unexpected turn for the worst near the end. Turn down your volume and subscribe to him here:

Oh yeah, one more thing, that 13-year-old vlogger is me. You can read more about me on my “Who is Cody Vlogs“.

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