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Are you caught up between blogging or vlogging, and which one you want to do? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! That sounded way too cheesy… In this post, I’m going to give you my opinion on both of them, and which one I like better. Let’s begin!


(Things I like About Blogging{blogging or vlogging})

  • You can really let your curiosity flow! There are no limits to what you can type out into your blog, everything can be written the way you want it to. In vlogging, you are limited to what you are physically able to film, and if you want to make a star wars style scene you need some serious equipment. In blogging, though everything is in the text, you can make the craziest things come to life by the way you explain it.
  • Facebook likes it more. Facebook and YouTube don’t work together well, but Facebook and www.averettclan.club do😉!
  • You have a lot more freedom. Unless you plan on paying a ton for website storage, you’re probably going to vlog on YouTube, which doesn’t allow for near as much leeway as a website does. With a website, you have unlimited customization, pages, embeds, and a lot more. YouTube limits you to a banner, profile picture, and some homepage settings you can mess with. All of YouTube’s pages, placement, and the general color is set in stone so even if users are on your channel it still feels like YouTube.

(Things I dont like About Blogging{blogging or vlogging})

  • It’s super high maintenance. Unless your paying people to manage your site for you, then blogging won’t be easy. I use WordPress which is probably the most user-friendly website designer out there, but there is still constantly stuff I need to do. Plugins need updating every day, I notice a paragraph of the font is off in one of my blog posts, a theme becomes outdated, and a lot more. You constantly have to be on top of your site to keep it looking good and smooth, otherwise, your site will start to run slow and mess up in no time. There are free options but they are not as customizable.
  • It costs money. Unlike YouTube, a website isn’t free to create. There is hosting costs, name costs, and other costs you won’t even think about. This can be kept pretty cheap by self-hosting and not buying anything extra, but it’s not going to be free.

(Things I like About Vlogging{blogging or vlogging})

  • Super easy startup! Once you have created a google account and signed into YouTube you can pretty much start vlogging right away, although this isn’t recommended. To learn more about starting to vlog read my “Ultimate guide on vlogging”
  • No startup cost! As long as you design and edit everything yourself, then vlogging is totally free to do.
  • Easier to get attention. Although YouTube works like a search engine it is still easier to get attention on it then google. The reason being is that YouTube will recommend your content to other viewers if it’s good, Google will not.
  • You can still rank in google! Although using a website gives you more options, you can still rank a YouTube video or channel on Google. Your video can also show up on the “videos” tab of google search.

(Things I dont like About Vlogging{blogging or vlogging})

  • The editing process. Some people enjoy this… those people are not me. Depending on how you make your vlogs and what quality you provide, editing can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours. That’s on top of how long it takes to film, you then have to export/render the video and upload it. Exporting and uploading should not take to long if you have a quality computer and good wifi.

Hopefully, this helped you decide whether blogging or vlogging was better for you! Personally, I’m more on the vlogging side, but that’s just me! I have not been blogging nearly as long as I have spent vlogging so maybe I will grow into it more, who knows? Lately, I have been spending a lot more time working on my website and have been enjoying it a lot. As soon as I finish setting up my website blogging will probably become a lot more enjoyable though.

Comment down below which one you think you will be going with – blogging or vlogging? Don’t forget to tell everyone your reasoning for choosing that way! Also if you have already tried blogging or vlogging and think I have missed something make sure to tell me, and leave your blog/vlog link so I can check it out. If enough people add reasons that they like/dislike vlogging and blogging I might create a new post using all of your reasons!

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