Chores For Teenagers – What chores are like as a homeschooled teen

Welcome to my “The Cody Blog”! Today’s topic is chores for teenagers, along with a bunch of other stuff that happened in my day. I am a homeschooled 13-year-old that blogs, vlogs, owns a website, and does whatever else I can think of to take up my time. No matter what I do though, I always have to take time out of my day for chores, so here is a homeschooled teen’s perspective on chores for teenagers. I want to clarify that this is in no way factual but is instead just a comedic way of expressing how I feel about my chores.

Today was amazing, but isn’t every day? It all depends on your morning… at least for me, it does. I was just reading this thing and it said: “The ability to wake up exactly when we want is the first step towards a meaningful day.” I don’t have that ability at all. The only way I can control when I wake up is if I have an alarm, and even that doesn’t control when I get up only when I wake up. It continued on like this: “If you’re beginning each day on purpose, the first variable under your control is when you wake up. Once you master that, your first 60 or 90 minutes can be used [productively].” Okay, now let’s think about this logically. How many of you people reading this actually get up right when you wake up and do something productive. Because I know that I don’t. As soon as I wake up I’m getting right on my phone, gotta check Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, then I can actually get started with my day.

Since I’m homeschooled and thirteen, I don’t have any screaming kids or dreadful jobs to wake up to in the morning. I feel like those two people are the only types of people who actually wake up and do something productive in the morning. Mostly because if they don’t do it, then there are some pretty bad side effects. I mean, if you have a crying kid to parent then you aren’t gonna be able to fall back asleep, and if you don’t go to your job you’re gonna lose it. If you lose your job you’re gonna lose your house. If you give a mouse a cookie…

When I actually decide to get out of bed…

Anyway, after my morning dose of social media, I started off my actual morning by taking a swing at my brother (no, not literally). I’m referring to a verbal swing, which seemed to have set my tone for the day, at least that’s what my mom told me. Even though the day started off a bit rough it was good in the middle. I may or may not have ended the day with a few roasts toward my brother. I have some pretty fire roasts when I put my mind to it. That’s probably not something I should be proud of. So uhh mom, when your proofreading this just ignore everything I just talked about.

On to my day

Not too long ago, I figured out how to do a back flip on a trampoline. It wasn’t that hard once I just did it. The problem I have is that I think… too much. Now, that’s just what my mom tells me, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. I should have been able to do the back flip months ago but instead of just doing it, I would sit there on my trampoline and think of every possible thing that could go wrong. Needless to say, I wouldn’t do it because I was afraid I would break my neck.

There are other times where thinking gets in my way also. You’d think that thinking would be a good thing, but you thought wrong. I feel like I’m writing a tongue twister right now – the thinker thought thinks that thought thimbles thick. Oh, and that’s another thing I do, I say I feel like this or feel like that. My dad always corrects me when I say that “You can’t feel like we are about to get in a car crash Cody” but I can’t stop doing it. I feel like I’m getting sidetracked.

Other things my thinking gets in the way of

I can never fall asleep at night either – because I’m always thinking. In order to fall asleep, I have to sit and do something (like write blogs) until I am exhausted. I also want to mention that my brother is snoring really loud right now.

Thinking also gets in my way during school, I constantly over think everything. That’s my reasoning for failing math, okay mom? I’m sure there are other ways my thinking can mess me up, but I can’t think of them right now.

Back to what I was saying

I learned my backflip so now I do a backflip basically every day when I wake up. I always gotta check and make sure I didn’t suddenly forget how to do it. If I did that would be bad, mostly because I’d probably snap my neck. That or I would do something to my spine, which would also be painful.

Also, chores are stupid

Yah, chores aren’t that fun, at least as a teenage boy they aren’t. I have never in my entire 13 years of living heard a kid say “I can’t wait till schools over, right when the bell rings I am going to run home and do my chores!”. Yet again, I am homeschooled, so maybe that does happen and I just don’t see it. Since I dislike my chores, I figured I would comedically write about how I feel when I do my chores. This is not a factual essay on chores for teenagers, instead its just a fun little blurb about what its like.

So here goes nothing

I had to pick up dog poop today which isn’t that bad… But it’s not that good either. It honestly just depends on the day, some days you don’t wanna go within 10 feet of anything that comes out of my dog, other days you’re completely fine. Since it’s my chore, I have to live through both days. It would be no fun if I was the only one who had to live through it, so I make sure everyone else has to suffer. You know, sneak some beans to my dog under the table. Movie night is always fun after that. The best part is that everyone blames the smell on my sister Sara, Bam! Double win!

Jk, I don’t actually do that. I did have to search “what kind of foods make dogs gassy” in order to make that joke though. Who would have thought that beans gave dogs gas?😂

(Foods that makes dogs gassy picture [chores for teenagers])

So doing my chore was fun of course. Just another day walking up to that one side of the yard where my dog poops, plugging my nose and plunging in. Oh my gosh, is that corn? Jk… I’ve only seen that once.

But wait, there’s more

I do more than just pick up dog poop, and this other chore is probably equally as bad… if not worse. I have to clean the downstairs bathroom. We have 3 bathrooms in the house, I only have to clean the downstairs one so I guess I’m pretty lucky. I think my sister is in charge of the upstairs one (Hence why those ones are so nasty). I only have to clean the bathroom once a week, so if I work the system correctly I can usually get away with not doing it for 2-3 weeks.

Now, if you lived in a family of 9 you would understand why I don’t want to clean that thing. If you thought public restrooms were bad then you need to re-think, because you haven’t seen our bathroom yet. Honestly, though the downstairs one almost is public. My siblings always have friends over, usually playing outside. Which bathroom is closest when they come in from outside? That’s right, the downstairs one. So every week that bathroom is probably used at least 100 times.

Cleaning it stinks – literally

Yah, it stinks. BAD. You don’t know smell until you have come into the Averett house. You will love the mixture of dog, bathroom, ferrets, and doTerra oils. Anyway, I go into this thing to clean it. I’ve got my elbow high gloves on, gas mask, and I’m kind of contemplating buying a fire suit or something. Maybe one of those suits those people wear when they go into highly toxic areas? Going into that bathroom is like being sprayed by a skunk, it ain’t coming off for days. Even tomato juice isn’t gonna help you after that.

So I go into this bathroom, right? I’m fully loaded, got the gloves, mask, old pants, old sweatshirt, basically anything I can use to cover up my whole body so I don’t have to deal with that smell sticking with me for days. Soon I might invest in one of those detoxication rooms that I can put in the hallway for when people leave the bathroom. Anyways, I get in there and I gotta clean the sink first. Spray, wipe, squeak, spray, wipe, squeak… I gotta get this done as fast as possible so I can get out of that stinkhole. The thing is that there’s no way I can get it done fast. It takes 10 minutes just to get one stain off the sink, that is if the stain even comes off.

After a bunch more spray, wipe, squeaks, the sink is done. Now I move onto the worst part – the toilet. I open up the lid and almost puke, even my gas mask can’t help with this smell. As quick as humanly possible I grab the toilet cleaner and squirt it into the toilet. Pshhh, scrub, pshhh, scrub, Bam the toilets done. Now there is only one step left – mopping.

This one’s the easiest of all of them. I quickly grab the Swiffer mop (Which I prepared beforehand by putting the wipe on) and scrub the floor. shhhhh, shhhhhh, shhhhh, the mop slides across the floor as fast I can get it to. Shh, shh, shh, I get even faster, sh, sh, sh. I have to make sure I get around the toilet good because apparently some of my siblings (or their friends) are not too good at aiming. SH, SH, SH, BAM! I’m done. I throw the mop on the floor and sprint out, throwing all the clothes in the trash can outside. I can finally breathe fresh air again! At least until next week…

Other stuff happened also

Naturally, there was the normal school – my brother really needs to stop snoring. It’s getting hard to focus. Sorry, I keep getting sidetracked. So basically there was the normal school – boring. There were chores – smelly. There was lunch – PIZZA ROLLS FOR THE WIN! To top it all off there was a snack – ranch chips are amazing.

And here comes the good stuff

After all of that stuff was done it was time for the fun stuff – Jiu-Jitsu! So I walk into the Jiu-Jitsu academy and throw my gi on. Tie my yellow belt around my waist. Today was promotion day so I got another white stripe stuck onto my belt also!

I jump on the mat, ask my coach about a move I learned from Instagram – casual right? Then I get ready to roll (kind of literally). For those of you who don’t know roll is the Jiu-Jitsu term for wrestling or fighting. Side note – it is really hot in my room and I am about to get up and turn on the fan.

So I have some fun at Jiu-Jitsu, come home, take a shower, the norm. Work on this website a bit, get sidetracked by YouTube and then it’s time for me to go to bed. This all leads me to where I’m at right now.

My bedtime thoughts

So as I’m sitting here in bed I’m thinking about how hard it would be to sneak out of our house. Not that I’m getting any ideas mom, I just feel like I like to think a lot😛. There is literally no way I could sneak out of the house without my mom noticing. First off, getting out of bed with my bed squeaking would be impossible, but let’s say my mom doesn’t notice that right? So I quietly get out of bed and step onto the floor…


Yup, that’s right, my brother left his legos out. So, even if I were to get past his legos, and all the other scattered toys on the floor, I still wouldn’t have a chance. My bedroom door is swelled and makes a really loud noise whenever it’s moved. It’s also extremely hard to close. The floor leading out of my room squeaks a ton. In order to get to the stairs, I have to walk right past my parent’s room. My mom is a super light sleeper so that would be hard. If I somehow make it onto the stairs then

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak

Yup, they squeak also. I go down the stairs and I get to the front door. I now have to somehow open the bolt lock, this weird lock we have on the top of our door, and the handle lock in order to open the door. Opening the door would also be impossible because it squeaks. This leaves only one other option, jumping out my bedroom window.

I am not doing that.

So, there is absolutely no possible way I could sneak out of our house without one of my parents knowing.

I’m gonna go to sleep now. Good night.

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