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Welcome back to “The Cody Blog”! Today I wrote about my opinion on school. Particularly homeschool. Even more particularly my homeschool curriculum. Please remember as you are reading this that it is in no way factual but just my comedic opinion on a thing we like to call learning. Please sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy my homeschool curriculum.


So onto my day. Like I said today was another interesting one. I started today off finishing yesterdays blog – if you haven’t read that you can check it out here. It was about my view of chores, and how much I don’t like them. Getting the blog done was a lot of fun! If it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t be writing this one right now.

But I still had to finish my school

Based on the fact that I am a high schooler in ninth grade, my homeschool curriculum is not that hard. Now I know my moms gonna be talkin to me about how I’m always complaining about how I don’t understand stuff, but I have reasoning for that. You see, its this technique I like to call… wait for it… yeah I don’t really have a name for it, but it’s a technique that takes a lot of practice.

Heres how this so-called “Technique” works

First things first you gotta be good at acting. Since I’ve been vlogging for about nine months now, I think I’ve got that part down. Second things second you have to be willing to lie, Jk mom I don’t actually do that. The actual second step is doing the work your parents give you. Act like you’ve done all of this before, make them think you know all of the answers. Then when you “turn in” your worksheet at least half of the answers should be wrong.

You have to set the bars low

Okay, now that you’ve set a low standard for yourself its time to move on. Gradually improve, very, very, very gradually. By the next month, you should be getting about 70 percent correct on the worksheets that you get. Oh, and those worksheets that you get should be the next grade level… down because you were so terrible you parents moved you down a notch. So if you were doing a sixth-grade homeschool curriculum then you are now doing a fifth grade homeschool curriculum.

And that is it.

Congratulations on making yourself look like a complete failure. Please do not ever try anything I just talked about, it was all a joke. To be honest, though most of my school is quite easy, I say most because I’m a failure at math. You know all the stuff I just talked about, its like I do that… Just not on purpose. That’s how bad I am at math.

But let’s be completely serious

What idiot decided to put letters in a math equation?

Guy 1: “Oh yeah, math is way to easy”

Guy 2: “You know what would make it so much better?”

Guy 1: “Putting letters in it!”

Guy 2: “That’s exactly what I was thinking”

Guy 1: “Hey wadoyano, stupid minds think alike!”

And that is literally what I think about when someone says algebra. That’s right, I’m doing algebra 1. Algebra one from Math-U-See. FUN. HAHA, that rhymed.

I do other subjects also

Besides math, there is some other stuff that I do. For English, I am currently writing an essay on website SEO, which I actually enjoy. I find it fun to write, especially about stuff I enjoy. Now if you were to come up to me and tell me to write a five-page essay on Shakespeare I would be like “aw nah, that ain’t happenin”. If I’m in the mood I might even add a bruh at the end “Aw nah, That ain’t happenin bruh” because I’m 13 and I can say that without sounding entirely dumb. Okay, maybe I sound a little bit stupid.

Because I enjoy writing so much I am already done with my SEO essay and it’s not due for at least another week. I am also reading this book for English, I honestly don’t even know what it is. To me it sounds like Shakespeare wrote a Christian book, but who knows.

There is one more thing that comes along with English – words. Every 3 days I get a new list of words I have to remember the definition of. I then take the test, the grades get put in the grade book, and I forget all about the words. And that is what I like to call short-term memorization.

And then there was history

History is actually quite fun to me. Every two weeks I pick a new subject and write a two-page essay on it. If I leverage my time right I can get the essay done way before its due. NO HISTORY FOR A WEEK! YAY! The best part of history is that I get to pick what I am writing about. Obviously, it has to be history related, but that still leaves me a lot of room to choose. I tend to lean toward the massacre side when I pick what to write about, stuff like that just interests me a lot more than old towns full of weird pictures on cave walls.

Science is also a thing

So. Science. Not one of my favorites. Why? Because I don’t understand it. I have a super hard time liking stuff that I don’t understand. If I don’t understand you I don’t like you. Jk, but I really have a hard time understanding science. In school it was always super easy: Read out of a book, answer questions that were highlighted in the book, study for a test, pass the test, repeat.

Homeschooled science is a whole different story. There is no highlighted text, there are no easy questions, the study guide you made for the test was based on an interactive, and the test is hard. In other words, homeschool books don’t tell you all of the answers. If I remember correctly I am studying mitosis and meiosis right now, which I think has something to do with reproduction. That’s honestly all I know. If any of you guys have recommendations for different science programs I should try out please leave them in the comments!

My actual Homeschool Curriculum

That pretty much sums up what I do for school. For those of you who want to know what programs I do:

For math I use math-u-see

Science and English are from which is an extension of

And history is just created by me and my mother’s minds.

My bedtime thoughts

As most of you know I write these posts as I am going to bed at night. If you read my last blog post you would know that I think… A lot. So here is “my bedtime thoughts”.


I’m gonna go to sleep now, goodnight

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