How I Almost Fell In To A Creek

That’s right. I almost fell into some really deep water, some really deep muddy water to be specific. Good thing I have really fast reflexes and could catch myself (kind of) fast! Let’s talk about how it happened.

How I Almost Fell Into Deep Gross Muddy Water


Today was eventful. Today was adventurous. Today was short. Today was a lot of things, but it was not boring. I can’t say many things with fact, but I can say with fact that today was fun.

So you’re probably wondering “why was today so fun, what did you do?”. I will get to that later but for now, let’s start with my morning. Since this is a blog where I talk about my day and how it went, and the morning is part of the day, I feel like I should talk about it. The fact that the morning sets my tone for the whole day is a big reason as well…

My morning

So I woke up at a good time this morning. In case your wondering: by good time I mean around nine o’clock. Hey, what can I say? I’m a homeschooled growing boy that needs sleep (and that stays up writing blogs). That’s one of the benefits of homeschool — you don’t have to get up super early.

Of course, to start off my morning I finished editing my blog and did my school. After all of that was done we went to Sam’s Club. You know, that humongous store that sells humongous things. There was literally a fifteen-foot-long floating flamingo there. Who in the world needs a fifteen-foot-long floating flamingo? Seriously, what has this world come to? (On a more serious note, it would actually be quite awesome to have one).

Me, Sara (one of my sisters), and Wyat (one of my brothers) all wore our Healys to Sam’s Club. If you don’t know what Healys are, they are basically shoes that have a wheel in the shoe. You can watch my vlog featuring them here!

And then we got home

Once our Sam’s Club healy-ing adventure was done, it was time to head home. It was raining, so loading the van up with all the stuff we bought was super fun! Good thing none of us are made of sugar.

Once everything was loaded up, we came home. Unloading everything was a lot easier since it wasn’t raining.

Here’s where the fun starts

Since it had rained, my sister and I thought it would be awesome to bring an air mattress down to this ditch we have behind our house. Turns out we were right, it was an awesome idea. Let me tell you the story of how I slid down a muddy hill, almost fell into the water, but landed on a floating air mattress that I was then stuck on for a while.

It all started as we were walking down to the ditch with an air mattress. This was right after we had gotten back from Sam’s Club. We got down to the deep end of the creek and slid out onto the water on this air mattress. Being on the air mattress was pretty easy…

Moving was not

Even though we were safe and sound on the air mattress, getting it to move through the water was a painstaking task. All we had was a plastic stick that we had duck-taped an old dustpan to. You can imagine how well that worked as a paddle. There was not much water flowing either, so we weren’t able to move much at all.

Before we left I had put together two sticks with about 100 feet of line between them. One stick would go to the person on land, the other to the person in the water. This way whoever was out on the water could be brought back to “shore” pretty easy. Keep in mind that by “shore” I mean a super steep side of a ditch that you had to climb up.

So, my sister and I took turns going in the water on the mattress. It was a ton of fun and we both got super muddy. Soon enough it was time to go back home.

WAIT! I thought you told me you slipped and almost fell into the water, how did that happen if you were at home?

Hold on, I’m getting to it.

Wind and air mattress don’t work well together

So, since it was time to head back, I grab the stick and begin to pull myself up this deep slope. Behind me, I am pulling the air mattress. Above me, it was starting to rain. You know what comes along with rain? Storms. You know what comes along with storms? Wind.

And this is where everything went downhill (Literally)

So I’m trying to climb this slope, right? I’ve got one hand on the stick, one hand on the air mattress, hence why I wasn’t making great progress up the slope. Since I couldn’t get up the slope with the mattress, I had to get rid of the mattress. It was either the mattress or the stick, and I wasn’t about to let go of that stick. So I let go of the mattress.

Before I let go of it I made this super cool motion with my hand as I swung it back and then forward. As my hand was coming forward I let go of the air mattress, so the air mattress went flying up. It seemed to hang in the air for a second, not knowing what to do. Thankfully it ended up choosing to land safe and sound on the grass at the top of the hill slopey thingy.

Now that I had gotten the mattress out of my hands I continued to climb. That was until a giant wind gust came. Since the mattress was filled with air the wind picked it up, sending it flying through the air and landing (guess where?) in the water. Luckily it landed in a pretty thin part of the creek so I *thought* I could go get it. The smart thing to do would have been taking one end of the rope sticky thing down with me.

But whoever said I was smart?

After I had successfully gotten up the hill I was already climbing, I ran over and went to go down the other slope – which was steeper. Of course, being me, I chose to do this without holding onto one end of the rope sticky thing.

Who knew muddy slopes were slippery?

Apparently not me. I went to start carefully walking down the slope when *SLIP*, my feet starting sliding and I slid down the slope. Luckily I have a pretty fast reaction speed. As soon as I had slid to the bottom of the hill slopey thingamabobberjigga I jumped up and landed…


I HAD MADE IT! Getting back up took forever also, but I don’t really want to make this post twice the length by explaining that. But I did want to give a couple minutes towards

My Night Time Thoughts

This one’s pretty short because all I am thinking about right now is whether

  1. I’m going to be able to have my mom proofread this in time to publish it with my schedule.
  2. Moss actually grows on sloths. And
  3. Email lists have to be so confusing (If you have not signed up for my email list plz do so by checking out the sidebar)

In Case You Want To See It:


Emily Adams

Sounds like an eventful day! I was homeschooled too, love the freedom and flexibility

Definitely! Homeschool is amazing

Really awesome that you use your spare time as a student writing a blog!! Wishing you the best…I would want the float 😉

Thank you! I really enjoy writing so it works out super well

Wow sounds like a crazy day! It’s great that you are writing a blog because you have a nice point of view for your readers. Keep it up!

Thank you! It was a crazy day indeed

Sounds like an awesome fun day like something I would have done at your age. 🙂

It was definitely a lot of fun! Thanks for reading

Alliie Crawford

Creek + Air Mattress + Cody + Bad Idea lol. xD Still love this story cracks me up every time!! 😉

yah, I don’t always have the best ideas lol! It was a lot of fun though.

Richa Singh

very interesting description of the creek incident! Kept me hooked. And the end of describing night thoughts was great too!

Thank you!! I’m glad people are enjoying my writing style!

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