Homeschool stereotypes - A homeschool view on well known stereotypes

Homeschool Stereotypes – A homeschoolers view on friends

Homeschool Stereotypes

Man oh man, we all know that popular homeschool stereotypes “homeschoolers have no friends”. Almost everyone who does not know a homeschooler thinks they’re a bunch of unsocialized wackos. To be completely honest, we kind of are.

I’m a wacko

I can’t say that this is true for everybody, but take me as an example. Instead of going outside and playing with friends, I’d rather go to some weird place and vlog. Instead of sitting on an Xbox and playing fortnite, I will sit on my phone and write a blog post. It’s just who I am.

Are all homeschoolers like this?

Most definitely not. Just because I prefer to be a lonely couch potato doesn’t mean everybody does. In fact, most homeschoolers probably know 10 times more about the outdoors than school kids know. It’s just that homeschoolers tend to know a lot of different things. For Instance, instead of knowing how to light a campfire, they are gonna know which mushrooms are safe to eat. Instead of being normal and sleeping on the tent floor, homeschoolers are going to go build a hammock out of vines.

But back to the part about having friends…Homeschool Stereotypes - sara doing math-u-see homeschool book

We DO have friends. Just because we don’t sit in a classroom full of 30 other kids for 8 hours a day doesn’t mean we can’t make friends. Usually, our friends are other homeschoolers though. We do tend to live as a lonely group and not really socialize with others (again, not true for everybody). This one is especially not true for everybody. Even though the majority of my friends have very few (or no) friends who attend public school, there are a few people I know that do.

The people that do usually are really loud. They are the type of people that will go up to people and ask “Hi, do you want to be my friend”. Yup, social skills much? This actually brings me to another point.

Social skills homeschool stereotype

The social skills homeschool stereotype is pretty accurate. We do not have great social skills. We are the type of people who would actually ask someone to be our friend. Trust me, I had it happen to me once. This kid comes up to me and says “Do you want to be my friend?”. How do you even respond to that?

Uh sure.

Yup, that was my response ” Uh sure”. That goes to show how great my social skills are. The best thing is what happened after I responded.

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100% THIS KID ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO BE HIS FRIEND AND THEN WALKED OFF. Not that it mattered to me anyway, in fact, it was probably better. How awkward would it have been if I had to actually play with this kid!? So tbh I was actually pretty relieved that he walked away, but it still makes for a funny story.

Just because this kid did not actually want to be my friend does not mean I don’t have friends though.

I Still Have Friends

In fact, I only have good friends. I don’t want to just hang out with anybody, so I only have about 5 friends. Instead of having 100 friends that I hate, I have 5 friends that I get along with well. See the difference between homeschoolers and public schoolers yet?

How about dating?

Your tryin’ to pick on me for going to prom with my mom? Jk, that doesn’t (usually) happen. Maybe 1 in 20 homeschoolers actually do that, I’m not one of them. I’d rather go to prom with my stuffed animal, Geff, than dance with my mom. Love you, mom!
Nah but seriously, homeschoolers do date. Again though, it’s a bit different. There’s not gonna be one homeschooler that’s gonna come up to you and say “You wanna come to lunch with me?”. No, that’s not ever gonna happen. They’re gonna come up to you, there mom’s gonna be watching and taking pictures on the side, and they’re gonna act all romantic, then they’re gonna ask you if you wanna go to the science museum with them.

“Hi Suzie, I had an extra ticket and was wondering you wanted to come to the science museum with me, I heard they’re having a special exhibit on bugs”.

It was an extra ticket!

“So you didn’t even originally buy it for me to go with you?”

“Well, I, Uh”

“What did your mom back out on you or something?”

And then the mom’s over there like “I just got an extra close up shot of that one honey, you shoulda seen the emotions on your faces”

Them homeschool moms!

No electronics homeschool stereotypehomeschool stereotypes - no cell phone stereotype

That’s the other thing about homeschoolers – you can throw your phone right out the window. Homeschoolers don’t ask for each other’s numbers, no! Instead, it’s all

“What frequency is your walky-talky on?”.

In all seriousness though

That homeschool stereotype is not accurate

To be super honest, that homeschool stereotype is completely wrong. Homeschoolers actually have some pretty nice laptops. I was at co-op the other day, Y’all know what co-op is? It’s like school for homeschoolers. Makes no sense right? You go to this building with a bunch of other homeschoolers once a week and you learn. Usually, the classes are a little different – Survival, painting, sign language but still! If you’re homeschooled, why go to school?

Anyways, I was at this homeschool co-op, right? And this teacher walks into the classroom with an Alienware laptop. Why the heck do you need an Alienware laptop? Alienware laptops are for gaming, not watching Steve Dem videos. You do not need a two thousand dollar computer to play Minecraft on.

So that’s homeschoolers.


Emily Adams

Haha this was great. I always hated the stereotypes! I started going to private school 50% of the day in 8th grade and it was awkward but I wanted to play sports!

I started getting homeschooled at the start of 7th. I do jiu-jitsu (which is not connected with the schools in any way) so I am able to do it

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