Laurel or Yanny - Do you hear Yanny or Laurel

Laurel or Yanny TEST – Do you hear Yanny or laurel

Have you heard about the new audio clip that has taken over the internet? Laurel or Yanny is a short audio clip that contains both the words Yanny and Laurel. The thing that makes the short clip so fascinating is that some people hear Laurel and other people hear Yanny, some even hear Yammy. This clip works by combining two audio clips that are of different frequencies. If you listen for a high frequency you hear the word Yanny or Yammy, but if you listen to the low frequency you hear Laurel. Since so many people are confused about this crazy audio clip I took to the streets of my hometown to ask people a simple question: Laurel or Yanny


Laurel Or Yanny

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