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Why Teenagers Are Addicted To Social Media

Social media, used by millions daily including 71 percent of teens. The question is why. Why are teens so addicted to social media that they are on it constantly? Of course, I could give you guys a bunch of facts about oxytocin and how it messes with our brain BUT… I’m not going to do that. Instead, I, a 13-year-old teen, am going to give you my opinion on why we like to spend so much of our precious time on social media. SO,

Why are teenagers addicted to social media?


Sharing is one of the biggest reasons I use social media. Being able to tell hundreds of people what I did today in the click of a couple buttons is scary, but awesome at the same time! Twitter is one of the social media platforms that I spend the most time on because it’s mostly made up of short, interesting thoughts people have. I use it to share my own random thoughts as well.



I probably wouldn’t be nearly as addicted to social media if it weren’t for engagement. Most of my time on social media is spent liking, commenting, and communicating with other people through social media. I mean, who isn’t super thrilled when they get a notification on their phone about a new follower?! There is actually scientific evidence that certain hormones increase when someone engages with your posts or follows you. (If you want to make me super thrilled and increase my social media addiction you can follow my Instagram.)



This is what most social media’s are completely based off of, and probably why most teenagers are addicted to social media. Following allows you to keep in touch with someone you know, or maybe just a celebrity you saw TV. If you follow someone you are able to see all of their posts and keep up to date with their life. When I was obsessed with stranger things I followed almost all the characters in it to see what they were doing. This was hard to write about without making following sound super creepy.



This one isn’t a reason most teenagers use it, but it’s for sure one for me. With the millions of people using social media these days, it’s a great way to promote your content. Most of my social media posts are to promote my blogs or vlogs (yup, I vlog also! You can watch those here), although I post some other fun stuff also.

So that basically sums up why teens like to sit on their phones all day.


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