How Teenagers Spend Their Time

How teenagers spend their time || A Teens View

Time, one of the most precious things given to humans, but how do you spend it? Maybe you work, play video games, or go hang out with friends. Today we’re talking about how teenagers spend their time. Actually, it’s more like: How I, a 13-year-old homeschooled teen, spend my time.

How teenagers spend their time

I can’t necessarily tell you exactly what I do every minute of my day, but I can explain it pretty well.

1. Sports

I spend at least an hour a day playing sports. I mainly do jiu-jitsu every weeknight for an hour, but I do some other yard sports here and there also. I don’t do much on the weekends unless I have a jiu-jitsu tourney.

2. School

During the school year, I have to do school, I’m homeschooled though so that only takes 2-3 hours a day.

3. Video making

I probably spend 1-3 hours a day working on my youtube channel. This can consist of videoing, editing, uploading, and a lot of other stuff that goes into my youtube channel.

4. Church

Church is only on Sunday, but I spend about 1 1/2 – 2 hours there.


Blogging is kinda an on and off thing for me. Some days I spend 1-2 hours on it, other days I don’t even look at it. It all just depends on what I’m doing and whether I feel like blogging or not.

6. Electronics

This includes video games, watching YouTube, working on my website, any time spent on electronics. If I were to calculate it up, it’s probably around 6 hours a day.

So that’s how I spend my day.



How Teenagers Spend Their Time || A Teens View How Teenagers Spend Their Time || A Teens View


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