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These Family Prank Wars Will Make You Want to Prank Your Siblings

Not too long ago I came upon this YouTube video by That Youtub3 Family called Family Fun Prank Week. In this video, the family gave themselves a week to prank each other as best as they could, and it was hilarious!

Family Fun Prank Week / That YouTub3 Family

Their mom started off the first prank with a Bluetooth mouse. I think you guys know where this is going! She connected her mouse to her daughter’s computer and started moving the mouse all over the screen. Audrey had no idea what was happening. She probably thought some virus had infected her computer or something! “My mouse is like obsessed” Audrey said as her mom moved the mouse around her computer. “It’s just moving.” she continued.

Along with that prank, the family did many more. Such as a poop on toilet paper prank, which looked super real! They also did a mouse poop prank using brown food coloring and rice. Many people were pranked in this fifteen-minute prank video.

As a sort of sequel to this video, Audrey posted a prank video on her own channel AllAroundAudrey. She also did several funny pranks on her family and friends.

Pranking My Family And Friends / All Around Audrey

Audrey pranked her parents with pranks like ABC gum on the door handle, and water spilling on their computer. The water spilling prank was super funny because she did it on a brand new computer! Her dad got super scared for a second after seeing the water all over his brand new equipment.

Along with those hilarious gags, Audrey pranked her family with a couple other things also. There was a farting prank, cup prank, and a glue in the germ-X prank. As the video progressed the pranks continued to get funnier and funnier!

Which prank out of these two videos did you think was the best? Comment below!


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