Global Drone X188 - Should you buy it?

Global Drone X188 – Why You SHOULDN’T Buy It

The Global Drone X188 is an entry-level drone created by Global Drones. Some of its features include GPS, FPV, back to home functionality, and headless mode. The grand question though: Should you buy it?

Is The Global Drone X188 worth buying?

I’m going to answer right now and say no. It’s camera quality is very low, certain functions of the drone start to get weird and laggy after flying it for a bit, the instructions are minimal making it hard to learn to fly, and you are unable to trim with the X188. The only reason I would suggest buying this would be for use as a toy drone. If you’re going to use it as a toy drone there are many cheaper and better alternatives. For instance, I would suggest the Syma x5w which is cheap and has nice beginner features.

Although I would not suggest buying it, here are some good things about the drone for those of you who are still interested.

Reasons to buy the Global Drone X188

  1. Back to home button: The back to home button is super nice. Especially if you fly the drone somewhere unseeable, it’s nice to have that certainty that the drone will come back to you at the click of a button. I would suggest making sure the back to home is set up at the correct (launch) location before flying farther away. It has happened a couple of times where the drone did not return back to where I wanted it to. If you are afraid of using this button because of tall objects, keep in mind that the drone does raise up about 20 feet before returning back to home base.
  2. Remote size and feel: The remote is super easy to hold and fits nicely in your hand. Once you get the hang of the controls you won’t have to look down at all (Unless you’re looking at the FPV screen).
  3. FPV Screen: Although I have not gotten to test this feature,e the Global Drone X188 does include a little tablet-type device to watch the live video on. This means you don’t have to use your phone!
  4. Does okay in high winds: Although this drone is not the best, it can handle strong winds okay. It auto adjusts during the wind to stay still, this sometimes results in the drone spinning.
  5. Strong enough to hold a Go-Pro: Although the camera quality is bad, this drone is strong enough to hold a Go- Pro allowing you to get a lot better footage.
  6. Low battery auto return: You never know when your drone will run out of battery.

Why you should not buy the X188

  1. Lag: After flying for a little bit, the drone starts to get super laggy and sometimes the controls even stop working.
  2. Camera quality: If you are looking to take nice pictures or video then this is not the drone for you. It boasts HD video but does not live up to it at all. Below is a video and photo test from the X188 camera.                 Drone X188 Photo test Global Drone X188 Photo test
  3. The instructions: If you want to learn how to fly this drone using the instructions provided it is a pain. They are minimal making it extremely difficult to figure anything out.
  4. Unable to trim: Although this drone does auto adjust to the wind trimming, it would be a nice functionality.
  5. No online instructions: After searching online for a while I realized that there is nothing online to help you learn about this drone. It seems that very few people have this drone so there are no videos or articles explaining anything about it.

So, would you buy this global drone?

Tell me in the comments below whether you would buy this drone, and what you plan on using it for.

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