Fortnite dance challenge family friendly videos

Fortnite Dance Challenge – Family Friendly YouTube Videos

The Fortnite dance challenge, you know, that challenge where you try to successfully do all of the Fortnite dances. Today I found some of the best (and funniest) Fortnite dance challenge youtube videos and listed them here. The best part is that all of these videos are family friendly so you don’t have to worry about crude humor or bad language. Let’s jump right in!

Best Fortnite dance challenge videos

1. Eh Bee Family

The Eh Bee family’s version of this challenge was entertaining and funny at the same time. Some Fortnite dances they were super good at and others, not so much.

2. Miranda Sings

If you know Miranda Sings than you know that this video is so obnoxious and out of the ordinary that its, well, FUNNY! Miranda wasn’t really able to do any of the fortnite dance moves, but she tried (maybe).

3. Guava Juice

Guava juice is a super upbeat family-friendly dude. Put him and the fortnite dance challenge together, and it comes out interesting… to say the least.

4. We Are The Davises

This. One. Is. Hilarious. Imagine an average family trying to do crazy hard dance moves, that’s basically what this video is. It was super fun to watch the Davises try to do the Fortnite dances in real life!

5. CKN Toys

Watching CKN Toys do the Fortnite dance moves was super interesting because they were all really good at them! Even the littlest of all of them could easily do the dance moves.


If you enjoyed these Fortnite dance videos and want to learn how you can start your own vlog channel on youtube then I have something for you! Check out this post on how to start a vlog channel (Click here) to learn how to create your very own YouTube channel. Ps: If you follow the steps in that post you might even be able to create your own Fortnite dances in real life video! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!


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