Relateable homeschooling tweets

10 Super Relateable Homeschool Tweets

You know, homeschool. That thing that the unsocialized kids do… JK, I’m homeschooled and I still know how to talk to other humans. Just because I don’t sit in a classroom with 30 0ther kids for 7 hours a day, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to talk. In fact, I often get told I talk too much.

That aside, I’ve spent some time on twitter lately and I figured it’d be fun to show y’all some of the most relateable homeschool tweets. Here it goes.

Insanely funny homeschool tweets that you can probably relate to

1. When does school start again?

There was also a very relateable follow up to that:


2. Its PJ day everyday

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3. Books are different

 4. And if you don’t have a library at home

5. Isn’t it impossible to socialize if you don’t spend 7 hours a day in a classroom?

6. Why limit yourself to a classroom?

7. Homeschoolers and their books!

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8. Get just as much done twice as fast.

9. You always gotta try

10. Gotta know those random facts



10 Super Relateable Homeschooling Tweets


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