What Board Games are Fun?

Video games have started taking over, but we can’t let board games go easily. They are original, entertaining, and usually quite simple. Here are some of my favorites:

Chutes and ladders: amzn.to/2P27r8o

Its one of my favorites and if you have never played it then you are definitely missing out. Although this game is mostly aimed at kids anyone can enjoy it. The object of the game is to be the first to make it to the bottom of the board, but there are some tricks. The ladders will push you back up to a farther space and chutes will bring you closer. Can you make it?



This has got to be the most original game that there is. Get around the board, buy some properties, repeat. Monopoly definitely makes your palms sweat as your rolling the dice and hoping that you don’t land on the boardwalk with four houses… The memories.



The perfect game to start a full out war. This game is full of strategizing, snide comments, and war. The goal is to conquer the entire map with your little plastic army men, but like most other games, you gotta weight the dice to win.


Whenever I play this game everyone usually ends up slapping the board really hard and trying to scream out what they were gonna say before someone else does. Yah, it gets intense. Unlike all the other board games this one doesn’t revolve around dice. Instead, you have two sets of circular cards. One set has a general subject, the other has a letter. You have to come up with something from the subject that starts with the letter… before anybody else does.

Rubik’s Race: amzn.to/2Naw2FZ

This game is my turf. If anyone beats me I don’t stop playing until I have beaten them more. If you have never heard of it, the point of the game is to arrange the combination of colors chosen at random on a board in front of you. You aren’t racing the clock though, your racing the person sitting directly in front of you. As soon as your done you slam down a plastic square over your combination, then you just need to double check to make sure you got it right.

There are some of my favorite. What board games do you like? Comment them below! Furthermore, if you want more info on what board games are fun make sure to check the comments for other peoples ideas. I have several more games that I enjoy, so maybe I will write another post about those sometime!

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