Halloween Fortnite Costumes || Awesome Fortnite Costumes for kids

Best Halloween Fortnite Costumes for kids!

Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper Fortnite Halloween costume A lot of people wanted this skin back after it left the game last year. You may not be able to get the skin in Fortnite, but at least you can have it in real life! The skull trooper skin was a Halloween special in fortnite and was enjoyed a ton by people all around. When it left, there were a lot of unhappy people. This amazing costume allows you to have the skin whenever you want.  Except you don’t have to use Vbucks to buy this costume, just head over to this link and buy it now to have one of the best Halloween Fortnite costumes around!





Tricera Ops

Tricera Ops Fortnite Halloween Costume Created by spirit Halloween this costume is designed to tee. Complete with horns, teeth, and a spotted face. As Spirit Halloween says “Become the most-feared threats on the battlefield when you seek some candy in this Tricera Ops skin Halloween costume, featuring a flesh-colored belly and spotted dinosaur hood, along with a belt buckle across the front to complete the authentic look.” To top of this entirely awesome fortnite costume, the creators include a super easy clip together belt. If your still not convinced, then check out the other pictures of this costume here: amzn.to/2xWGagU




Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager halloween fortnite costume In my opinion, the Dark Voyager is one of the coolest fortnite skins out there! Just check out the tinted black space-style helmet, connecting straight onto the black outfit. The black shoe covers and dark gloves will make you almost invisible in the dark. Then there are the bright orange stripes completing the costume. They give an awesome accent to space the landing figure, making this costume my absolute favorite!


Buy Dark Voyager Here: amzn.to/2ICM6ja




 This one more or less makes me think of Tricera Ops, but a more boyish version. Quite honestly it is almost the same. Rex Fortnite costume is also made my Spirit Halloween and has the same plush design. Making Rex an awesome dinosaur-like fortnite costume for any kid who wants to be warm and comfy on Halloween night. You can get Rex by clicking this link: amzn.to/2DXR6jV



Black Knight

 Right behind the Dark Voyager, this costume is probably my favorite. This Halloween fortnite costume makes the wearer look completely fearless and undefeatable. I mean honestly, who doesn’t want to look as big and bold as this costume!? IT LOOKS AMAZING! The helmet tops it all off with the look of a sturdy knight. If you want to grab this one, you can get it from Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2pCYyHe




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