Halloween Fortnite Costumes || Awesome Fortnite Costumes for kids

Best Halloween Fortnite Costumes for kids!

Skull Trooper

Skull Trooper Fortnite Halloween costume A lot of people wanted this skin back after it left the game last year. You may not be able to get the skin in Fortnite, but at least you can have it in real life! The skull trooper skin was a Halloween special in fortnite and was enjoyed a ton by people all around. When it left, there were a lot of unhappy people. This amazing costume allows you to have the skin whenever you want.  Except you don’t have to use Vbucks to buy this costume, just head over to this link and buy it now to have one of the best Halloween Fortnite costumes around!





Tricera Ops

Tricera Ops Fortnite Halloween Costume Created by spirit Halloween this costume is designed to tee. Complete with horns, teeth, and a spotted face. As Spirit Halloween says “Become the most-feared threats on the battlefield when you seek some candy in this Tricera Ops skin Halloween costume, featuring a flesh-colored belly and spotted dinosaur hood, along with a belt buckle across the front to complete the authentic look.” To top of this entirely awesome fortnite costume, the creators include a super easy clip together belt. If your still not convinced, then check out the other pictures of this costume here:




Dark Voyager

Dark Voyager halloween fortnite costume In my opinion, the Dark Voyager is one of the coolest fortnite skins out there! Just check out the tinted black space-style helmet, connecting straight onto the black outfit. The black shoe covers and dark gloves will make you almost invisible in the dark. Then there are the bright orange stripes completing the costume. They give an awesome accent to space the landing figure, making this costume my absolute favorite!


Buy Dark Voyager Here:




 This one more or less makes me think of Tricera Ops, but a more boyish version. Quite honestly it is almost the same. Rex Fortnite costume is also made my Spirit Halloween and has the same plush design. Making Rex an awesome dinosaur-like fortnite costume for any kid who wants to be warm and comfy on Halloween night. You can get Rex by clicking this link:



Black Knight

 Right behind the Dark Voyager, this costume is probably my favorite. This Halloween fortnite costume makes the wearer look completely fearless and undefeatable. I mean honestly, who doesn’t want to look as big and bold as this costume!? IT LOOKS AMAZING! The helmet tops it all off with the look of a sturdy knight. If you want to grab this one, you can get it from Amazon here:




If you want to see some awesome fortnite dances, check this out:

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What Board Games are Fun?

Video games have started taking over, but we can’t let board games go easily. They are original, entertaining, and usually quite simple. Here are some of my favorites:

Chutes and ladders:

Its one of my favorites and if you have never played it then you are definitely missing out. Although this game is mostly aimed at kids anyone can enjoy it. The object of the game is to be the first to make it to the bottom of the board, but there are some tricks. The ladders will push you back up to a farther space and chutes will bring you closer. Can you make it?

This has got to be the most original game that there is. Get around the board, buy some properties, repeat. Monopoly definitely makes your palms sweat as your rolling the dice and hoping that you don’t land on the boardwalk with four houses… The memories.

The perfect game to start a full out war. This game is full of strategizing, snide comments, and war. The goal is to conquer the entire map with your little plastic army men, but like most other games, you gotta weight the dice to win.

Whenever I play this game everyone usually ends up slapping the board really hard and trying to scream out what they were gonna say before someone else does. Yah, it gets intense. Unlike all the other board games this one doesn’t revolve around dice. Instead, you have two sets of circular cards. One set has a general subject, the other has a letter. You have to come up with something from the subject that starts with the letter… before anybody else does.

Rubik’s Race:

This game is my turf. If anyone beats me I don’t stop playing until I have beaten them more. If you have never heard of it, the point of the game is to arrange the combination of colors chosen at random on a board in front of you. You aren’t racing the clock though, your racing the person sitting directly in front of you. As soon as your done you slam down a plastic square over your combination, then you just need to double check to make sure you got it right.

There are some of my favorite. What board games do you like? Comment them below! Furthermore, if you want more info on what board games are fun make sure to check the comments for other peoples ideas. I have several more games that I enjoy, so maybe I will write another post about those sometime!

Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate and may give me money when used, with no extra cost to the user.


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What Is School For?

What Is School For?

Prince Ea recently released a very interesting and thought-provoking video. When I first started watching it, I thought about this video by boy in a band. I remember when it became a huge thing a few years ago. Who woulda thought that a 20 something-year-old YouTuber was going to tell kids to leave school? It turns out the video was meant to question how schools teach which is basically what Prince’s video is doing also.

Prince Ea is known for some very well created videos that usually have good reasoning behind them. This video especially did. He decides to dive deep into the way our schools teach and whether what they’re doing is actually education.

His video is carefully and very well scripted and put together leaving you really thinking about our public school system. Obviously, there is already controversy about how good public school really is and Prince mentions a few of the common points. He also talks about self-care and how many lives it could save if we implemented it in our school systems.

This isn’t his only video on the subject though. Back in 2016, he released a video titled “I JUST SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM !!!”. In this video, he addresses how similar our school systems are to schools 100 years ago.

The video above is mainly about personalizing school. Making it so that each and every student is able to learn their own way. So that they are not forced to be robots. Not told to repeat, but instead told to be creative. Encouraged to think out of the box and be creative. Wouldn’t that be amazing!

What are your opinions on this video? Leave them in the comments below!

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10 Super Relateable Homeschool Tweets

10 Super Relateable Homeschool Tweets

You know, homeschool. That thing that the unsocialized kids do… JK, I’m homeschooled and I still know how to talk to other humans. Just because I don’t sit in a classroom with 30 0ther kids for 7 hours a day, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to talk. In fact, I often get told I talk too much.

That aside, I’ve spent some time on twitter lately and I figured it’d be fun to show y’all some of the most relateable homeschool tweets. Here it goes.

Insanely funny homeschool tweets that you can probably relate to

1. When does school start again?

There was also a very relateable follow up to that:


2. Its PJ day everyday

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3. Books are different

 4. And if you don’t have a library at home

5. Isn’t it impossible to socialize if you don’t spend 7 hours a day in a classroom?

6. Why limit yourself to a classroom?

7. Homeschoolers and their books!

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8. Get just as much done twice as fast.

9. You always gotta try

10. Gotta know those random facts



10 Super Relateable Homeschooling Tweets


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Fortnite Dance Challenge – Family Friendly YouTube Videos

Fortnite Dance Challenge – Family Friendly YouTube Videos

The Fortnite dance challenge, you know, that challenge where you try to successfully do all of the Fortnite dances. Today I found some of the best (and funniest) Fortnite dance challenge youtube videos and listed them here. The best part is that all of these videos are family friendly so you don’t have to worry about crude humor or bad language. Let’s jump right in!

Best Fortnite dance challenge videos

1. Eh Bee Family

The Eh Bee family’s version of this challenge was entertaining and funny at the same time. Some Fortnite dances they were super good at and others, not so much.

2. Miranda Sings

If you know Miranda Sings than you know that this video is so obnoxious and out of the ordinary that its, well, FUNNY! Miranda wasn’t really able to do any of the fortnite dance moves, but she tried (maybe).

3. Guava Juice

Guava juice is a super upbeat family-friendly dude. Put him and the fortnite dance challenge together, and it comes out interesting… to say the least.

4. We Are The Davises

This. One. Is. Hilarious. Imagine an average family trying to do crazy hard dance moves, that’s basically what this video is. It was super fun to watch the Davises try to do the Fortnite dances in real life!

5. CKN Toys

Watching CKN Toys do the Fortnite dance moves was super interesting because they were all really good at them! Even the littlest of all of them could easily do the dance moves.


If you enjoyed these Fortnite dance videos and want to learn how you can start your own vlog channel on youtube then I have something for you! Check out this post on how to start a vlog channel (Click here) to learn how to create your very own YouTube channel. Ps: If you follow the steps in that post you might even be able to create your own Fortnite dances in real life video! HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE!


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Ninja Talks About The New Heavy Sniper Rifle In Fortnite

Ninja Talks About The New Heavy Sniper Rifle In Fortnite

Recently Ninja released a YouTube video based on one of Fortnite’s newest weapons, the heavy sniper rifle.  At around 11:57 in the video Ninja finds a heavy sniper rifle on the ground from a dude he killed. Of course, Ninja takes that sniper rifle and completely destroys everyone with it!

*NEW* Heavy Sniper Rifle! – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay – Ninja

The Heavy Sniper Rifle released in the game Fortnite on August 14th had a good bit of hype going for it! On August 12th, before the sniper was even released Fortnite Battle Royale News tweeted out “Here’s our first in-game look at the upcoming Heavy Sniper Rifle weapon”.

Many more tweets, thoughts, and pictures were posted in the days leading to the ultimate release. All of this talk eventually lead to the actual release on August 14th, 2018. The heavy sniper rifle features a shot that can take 157 damage from another player, just by hitting them in the body. Topping that off with a whopping 392 damage headshot.

That’s not even all this new release has to offer. The gun can also destroy most walls in one shot, making it easy to knock a player with some fall damage. Stats wise, this gun can hit a building with up to 1,100 damage depending on which version of the gun you have.

Although ninja personally found his heavy sniper from another player he took out, you are able to find it in chests, supply drops, and in unlikely circumstances, the floor of a building.

Going back to all the hype leading up to the release of this gun, not everyone was super happy. A lot of people were saying the gun would be able to shoot through structures, making players very disappointed when it couldn’t.  @_xnoah on twitter said “everyone said the heavy sniper was gonna be able to shoot people through walls and I’m very disappointed you can’t”

However, someone replied to this tweet saying it would entirely defeat the purpose of the game, which I pretty much agree with. If that happened then there would be absolutely no way to defend yourself from people with the sniper, leaving you dead. Maybe fortnite can release bulletproof pans or something to counteract a gun like that #Pubg.

Speaking of new items, a blog post by Pro Game Guides talked about how maybe Fortnite will release a pill that gives you 200 hp for a certain amount of time. Personally, I think that would be awesome!

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My Jiu-Jitsu Career | A 13 Year Old Explains How He Started Jiu-Jitsu

My Jiu-Jitsu Career | A 13 Year Old Explains How He Started Jiu-Jitsu

In about a week I am leaving for the second biggest tournament I have ever been to, Kids’ International. At the time I am writing this article, I am going to be in a five-man bracket. I will be rolling lightweight in the teen 2 (Male) division. However, before I get into too much detail about this tournament, let me talk about how I got here!

How I Started Jiu-Jitsu

Attic Jiu Jitsu

April 14th, 2016, Jiu-Jitsu in an attic (picture taken with a potato)

I first started jiu-jitsu a little over two years ago (as of 8/13/18) when my wrestling coach started teaching me and a couple of other kids in his attic. After training there for a little bit, my coach got a new house and we continued training in his basement.


The basement tended to be a lot cooler than the attic and was a bit bigger too. I trained in that basement with my family and a couple of other people for a while and went to many Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. My skills slowly improved and I stopped losing as much.

After the basement, we moved to train in our church and eventually moved to the place we are in now:

Illinois Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Acadamy

Illinois Brazillion Jiu-Jitsu Academy

The new academy – October 29th, 2017

The new academy was looking stylish, and I was ready to start training! On November 1st, 2017 we had our first class at the new school, and it only got better from there. After a lot more training and going to a handful of tournaments, it was time for my first big tournament. One of the biggest tournaments in the world for kids run by one of the leading tournament providers, it was time for me to go to Pan Kids, by IBJJF.


On February 20th, 2018 I competed at the world’s biggest kids’ competition. After three of the toughest matches, I had ever had, I was able to take home a gold medal. One of the matches I was losing and caught the guy in an armbar in the last minute, so that was cool.

Kids’ Pan Ams 2018

pan ams kids 2018 Podium picture cody averett

Kids Pan Ams 2018 podium picture – February 20th, 2018

Back to the present:

Today is August 13th, 2018 and I am leaving for the second biggest tournament of my life in a little over a week. The Kids’ Internationals by IBJJF is coming up fast, so I have to be ready. This tournament will be a bit different than the last one. I will be fighting one belt higher and one weight division higher than previously. My opponents will only get tougher, which means I have to fight harder.

As I mentioned earlier, the armbar has saved my rear-end in BJJ matches before, so I’m wondering: Whats your favorite Jiu-Jitsu move and why?

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Kids Home Alone || What happens when a 2-year-old girl is left home alone

Kids Home Alone || What happens when a 2-year-old girl is left home alone

Ever wondered what happens when a 2-year-old kid’s home alone for a day? You can stop wondering now! The Just Kidding Family has answered it for you. In their newest video, their 2-year-old daughter Peyton is left home alone to fend for herself for a day.

Kids Home Alone

In a huge rush to get somewhere, Peyton’s family didn’t realize that she was still asleep in her room. As a kid home alone, Peyton had to take care of her own. Breakfast was a bit messy, but hey, at least she got some cereal out of it! It wasn’t any normal cereal either, it was the most high quality, sugar-filled, deliciousness I’ve ever seen. Fully complete with whip cream and Hershey syrup. YUM!

She didn’t stop at just making the cereal, Peyton even cleaned the milk off of the floor (with a little help from the family dog of course). As a kid home alone, she also had more fun playing with legos, jumping on her parents’ bed, and she might have even stolen money from her brother. Peyton also does one more super funny thing right as her family comes back home to get her, but you’ll have to watch the video to see that.

Note: Although this video demonstrates what could happen if a young child was left home alone, it is only a skit. I do not endorse leaving young children home alone.

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Global Drone X188 – Why You SHOULDN’T Buy It

Global Drone X188 – Why You SHOULDN’T Buy It

The Global Drone X188 is an entry-level drone created by Global Drones. Some of its features include GPS, FPV, back to home functionality, and headless mode. The grand question though: Should you buy it?

Is The Global Drone X188 worth buying?

I’m going to answer right now and say no. It’s camera quality is very low, certain functions of the drone start to get weird and laggy after flying it for a bit, the instructions are minimal making it hard to learn to fly, and you are unable to trim with the X188. The only reason I would suggest buying this would be for use as a toy drone. If you’re going to use it as a toy drone there are many cheaper and better alternatives. For instance, I would suggest the Syma x5w which is cheap and has nice beginner features.

Although I would not suggest buying it, here are some good things about the drone for those of you who are still interested.

Reasons to buy the Global Drone X188

  1. Back to home button: The back to home button is super nice. Especially if you fly the drone somewhere unseeable, it’s nice to have that certainty that the drone will come back to you at the click of a button. I would suggest making sure the back to home is set up at the correct (launch) location before flying farther away. It has happened a couple of times where the drone did not return back to where I wanted it to. If you are afraid of using this button because of tall objects, keep in mind that the drone does raise up about 20 feet before returning back to home base.
  2. Remote size and feel: The remote is super easy to hold and fits nicely in your hand. Once you get the hang of the controls you won’t have to look down at all (Unless you’re looking at the FPV screen).
  3. FPV Screen: Although I have not gotten to test this feature,e the Global Drone X188 does include a little tablet-type device to watch the live video on. This means you don’t have to use your phone!
  4. Does okay in high winds: Although this drone is not the best, it can handle strong winds okay. It auto adjusts during the wind to stay still, this sometimes results in the drone spinning.
  5. Strong enough to hold a Go-Pro: Although the camera quality is bad, this drone is strong enough to hold a Go- Pro allowing you to get a lot better footage.
  6. Low battery auto return: You never know when your drone will run out of battery.

Why you should not buy the X188

  1. Lag: After flying for a little bit, the drone starts to get super laggy and sometimes the controls even stop working.
  2. Camera quality: If you are looking to take nice pictures or video then this is not the drone for you. It boasts HD video but does not live up to it at all. Below is a video and photo test from the X188 camera.                 Drone X188 Photo test Global Drone X188 Photo test
  3. The instructions: If you want to learn how to fly this drone using the instructions provided it is a pain. They are minimal making it extremely difficult to figure anything out.
  4. Unable to trim: Although this drone does auto adjust to the wind trimming, it would be a nice functionality.
  5. No online instructions: After searching online for a while I realized that there is nothing online to help you learn about this drone. It seems that very few people have this drone so there are no videos or articles explaining anything about it.

So, would you buy this global drone?

Tell me in the comments below whether you would buy this drone, and what you plan on using it for.

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These Family Prank Wars Will Make You Want to Prank Your Siblings

These Family Prank Wars Will Make You Want to Prank Your Siblings

Not too long ago I came upon this YouTube video by That Youtub3 Family called Family Fun Prank Week. In this video, the family gave themselves a week to prank each other as best as they could, and it was hilarious!

Family Fun Prank Week / That YouTub3 Family

Their mom started off the first prank with a Bluetooth mouse. I think you guys know where this is going! She connected her mouse to her daughter’s computer and started moving the mouse all over the screen. Audrey had no idea what was happening. She probably thought some virus had infected her computer or something! “My mouse is like obsessed” Audrey said as her mom moved the mouse around her computer. “It’s just moving.” she continued.

Along with that prank, the family did many more. Such as a poop on toilet paper prank, which looked super real! They also did a mouse poop prank using brown food coloring and rice. Many people were pranked in this fifteen-minute prank video.

As a sort of sequel to this video, Audrey posted a prank video on her own channel AllAroundAudrey. She also did several funny pranks on her family and friends.

Pranking My Family And Friends / All Around Audrey

Audrey pranked her parents with pranks like ABC gum on the door handle, and water spilling on their computer. The water spilling prank was super funny because she did it on a brand new computer! Her dad got super scared for a second after seeing the water all over his brand new equipment.

Along with those hilarious gags, Audrey pranked her family with a couple other things also. There was a farting prank, cup prank, and a glue in the germ-X prank. As the video progressed the pranks continued to get funnier and funnier!

Which prank out of these two videos did you think was the best? Comment below!


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