How Teenagers Spend Their Time
How teenagers spend their time || A Teens View
Time, one of the most precious things given to humans, but how do you spend it? Maybe you work, play
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Why are teenagers addicted to social media - Averett Clan Blog
Why Teenagers Are Addicted To Social Media
Social media, used by millions daily including 71 percent of teens. The question is why.
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Homeschool stereotypes - A homeschool view on well known stereotypes
Homeschool Stereotypes – A homeschoolers view on friends
Homeschool Stereotypes Man oh man, we all know that popular homeschool stereotypes “homeschoolers have no friends”. Almost everyone who does
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How I Almost Fell In To A Creek
That’s right. I almost fell into some really deep water, some really deep muddy water to be specific. Good thing
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My Homeschooled Opinion On School | Homeschool Curriculum
Welcome back to “The Cody Blog”! Today I wrote about my opinion on school. Particularly homeschool. Even more particularly my
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How to start a vlog channel
So you came here to learn how to vlog, let’s get started. 1. First things first you need to pick
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Chores For Teenagers – What chores are like as a homeschooled teen
Welcome to my “The Cody Blog”! Today’s topic is chores for teenagers, along with a bunch of other stuff that
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Should I Vlog Or Blog? | Blogging Or Vlogging
Are you caught up between blogging or vlogging, and which one you want to do? Don’t worry, I’m here to
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(What is vlogging[image])
What is Vlogging?
If you came here, you are probably wondering what vlogging is, and why it sounds so much like blogging. It’s
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Best Family Vloggers of 2018
Best Up-N-Coming Family-Friendly Vloggers of 2018
Do you or your kids love watching vloggers but can’t stand the constant swearing and crude jokes? If so, you’re
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Cody Vlogs - who is he
Cody Vlogs – Who is he? | Family Friendly Vloggers on YouTube
Cody Vlogs is a young and growing vlogger on the YouTube Platform. He Posted his first YouTube video on his
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