Kid Chokes out gorilla
I Choked Out The Gorilla
Dang guys, that pesky gorilla just had to fight me. Good thing he was not very good at jiu-jitsu if
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Kids get attacked by a gorilla at their own home
A Gorilla Attacked Us At Our House!
That was a close one. Gorillas are some crazy creatures, I have no clue how one was in Illinois. Even
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Teens First Jiu-Jitsu Superfight
I Lost My First Jiu-Jitsu Superfight (Embarrassing) *LIVE REACTION*
That’s right guys. It is finally the time where I release the video of my first jiu-jitsu superfight. However, I
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Kid Tries To Sing His Own Song
Some things your good at, other things your not. This was one of those not so good at type of
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Teens First Jiu-Jitsu Superfight
Kids Jiu-Jitsu Superfight In Chicago!
Jiu-Jitsu is my favorite sport, and tournaments are the best way to express everything you have learned at Jiu-Jitsu practice.
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Teens First Jiu-Jitsu Superfight
Teens First Jiu-Jitsu Superfight!
This IS my first rodeo. Tomorrow I compete in my first ever Jiu-Jitsu super fight. Its gonna be crazy. www.averettclan.club
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Kid Escapes house using sheets
I Could Have SERIOUSLY INJURED Myself Doing This…
Everything that I do on this channel isn’t always safe, but it is usually fun. What I did today fit
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Kid Plays fruit ninja in real life
Fruit Ninja IN REAL LIFE!
If you haven’t heard of fruit ninja then you didn’t have a real childhood. Of course, I’m a 14-year-old homeschooled kid
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ending the vlog…. (No More Videos?)
Sometimes it is hard to create content. Putting out FUNNY, INTERESTING, CREATIVE content that is an improvement from the last
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Kid Reacts To IBJJF Kids International Tournament Winner
IBJJF Kids International Jiu-Jitsu tournament WINNER! (Reaction)
Have you ever heard of the IBJJF Kids International jiu-jitsu tournament? It is one of the biggest kids jiu-jitsu tournaments
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Kid goes to LAS VEGAS for a BURGER
KID Goes To LAS VEGAS for a BURGER! (In-N-Out cheeseburger)
Burgers are some of my favorite food. So how far would I go to take a bite out of the
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Hilarious Light Switch Prank on Kids
The Ultimate Light Switch Prank
Have you ever needed a simple but hilarious prank to pull on your siblings (Or Maybe even parents)? Well, I
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Kid Thinks Hes Gonna Be The Next YouTube Boxer Like Logan Paul Or Ksi
With the Logan Paul VS KSI Fight on August 25th, YouTubers boxing has been a huge topic lately. Boxing sounds
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kid rides a mattress down the road
I always think my video ideas are gonna be awesome, but I never really think about what the law will
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Kid Stabs Matress
This is not a good idea, don’t get me wrong… it was fun. But it was also a super terrible
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I’ve been wondering If I am light enough to be pulled by an average remote control car, and this video
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Meany Girl Attacks Kids
Attacked By The Valentine Mascot
What happens when a girl dressed in pink goes on a rampage with her bouncy pig? Watch this vlog to
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Kid Accidentally lights lawn on fire
Lighting My Lawn On Fire (Bad Idea)
Turns out that throwing a football through a ring of fire is not the best idea I’ve ever had. The
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Gorilla Does The Fortnite Dance Challenge
Fortnite Dance Challenge (As A Gorilla)
The fortnite dance challenge is pretty hard and usually pretty hilarious, but its one thousand times funnier when a gorilla
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Kids Feed Squirrel Fries
Squirrels Like Fries?
I found a squirrel in the park and gave it french fries. After that, it just kept coming after me,
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Kid Breaks Laws On A Hoverboard
I Broke These Laws…
Breaking the law is bad, but does being on a hoverboard change that? Find out in today’s vlog type thingy
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Kid Falls Down A Mudslide
I Fell Down A Mudslide
Mudsliding was a ton of fun last time we went so today we went to do it again! This time
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How To Use Trust In Your Walk With God
Using Trust In Your Walk With God
Today’s vlog is a little different. I talked about how you can apply trust in your walk with God.. well
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Kids SHOVE Each Other In A Game!
Funny Shoving Game
The most interesting game I’ve ever seen. Contestants compete to shove other people off of a line, and be the
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Kids Save a Baby Bird
We Saved A Baby Bird!
We found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, so we helped it. Heres what went down,
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Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!
Water water water water water, lots of water! Today we had a lot of rain in our city and the
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Kid Falls Off Hoverboard
Falling Off My Hoverboard.
Today I got a hoverboard, and then I crashed the hoverboard. Hoverboard crashes do not feel good, bruises are painful.
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Holiday World Adventure Comes To An End
We Had To Leave Holiday World
Today was our last day at holiday world, although it was a lot of fun. You know the saying: “all
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Kid Pranks Girls With Bloody Mask
Epic Friday The 13th Scare Prank!
mwahahahaha. Friday the 13th, one of the scariest times of the year, and I’m here to scare. With a mask
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Sneaking My Camera On A Train
I Had To Sneak My Camera On This Ride…
Today during my first day at holiday world I found out that cameras were not allowed on the rides. Which
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Underwater Challenges
Crazy Underwater Challenges!
Challenge. Water. Breath. Air. Oxygen. ALL OF THIS IS NEEDED FOR THIS INSANE VIDEO! YAH, we are that crazy! But
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Mud Sliding
Mud Sliding Into A Gross Ditch
After our fourth of July party today we went mud sliding into a ditch and it was AWESOME! Although the
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spoon flipping - the newest trend of 2018
Spoon Flipping – The Newest Trend Of 2018
Spoon Flipping, a new fidgety game that is easy to learn and not too hard to pick up on, but
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Homeschooled Poem Contest - Thumbnail
Homeschool Poem Contest – Homeschooled Family
Poem contest – A contest in which multiple contestants compete to see who can create the best poem. In this
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Laurel or Yanny - Do you hear Yanny or Laurel
Laurel or Yanny TEST – Do you hear Yanny or laurel
Have you heard about the new audio clip that has taken over the internet? Laurel or Yanny is a short
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how to dab correctly YouTube video
How To Dab Correctly | Learning How To Dab Dance Video
Yah. I learned how to dab. Was I good at it? No. Did I fail at it? Probably. But do
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Crazy Mud Sliding With A Matress
Today my sister and I went back to the same creek we had gone to the other day and went
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Cody Vlogs Channel Trailer
Ever wondered what my YouTube Channel is all about? This video explains it all in one minute. If you like
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Crazy Air Matress On A Deep Creek
Yup! I got to bring an air mattress on out onto a creek by my house. It was a lot
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Shiny Tin Foil Ball Challenge (Youtube Video)
Shiny Tin Foil Ball Challenge
  You know the new trend? Were people take tin foil and they polish it until it is super shiny? 
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